Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, here it is!

The moment I've been waiting for...
My music blog!
Finally, I have a place where I will post my symphony and recital reviews, thoughts on musical ventures, and open up discussion of the musical paths upon which I wander.
Look for upcoming posts to discuss:
- Chamber Music: The Trio Sans Nom (my clarinet, violin, and piano trio) is about to dig into new repertoire. What are we playing? How will we be approaching it?
- Experiences in Collaborative Musicianship: I accompany as much as I can; here will be my adventures working with various soloists, both vocal and instrumental.
-Concerts and Recitals: The small city of Lancaster has its own fantastic symphony, but also look out for reviews/recaps of Baltimore Symphony programs, events in the MD/DC area, and recitals of all types.

Before launching into much else, I should briefly discuss where I stand as a ‘professional’ musician- I use the term loosely, since at this point, it’s sort of a technicality.
I graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in December 2010, earning a BA in music. My main area of study was clarinet, though I played as much piano as possible and also studied some organ and trumpet.

This semester, I will still be in Millersville as I figure out what exactly it is that I want to do from here. I’ll be using this time to keep playing with my chamber ensemble (a clarinet/violin/piano trio), accompanying vocal lessons(well, probably only 1 on a regular basis) and hopefully a recital or two. Oh, and also finding a ‘real person’ job to tide me over until I move on to grad school.

I’m looking forward to an amazing next few months of making music, ‘finding myself’, and sharing it on here.

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